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Lost Ten Tribes

Lost Ten Tribes

Christmas stories: Ben Hur, Christmas Tale, Narnia
Easter stories: The Ten Commandments, (historia del flamenco)
(this female Tutsi attires & dance have an undeniable Ethiopian & Middle Eastern touch. They even have the blue {heaven Jewish color} & white of the Israeli flag)
Gold Cuneiform Plate Inscriptions of King Darius at Persepoli
(The Formidable Lost Israelite Scythians poner con los israelitas del libro de oro) (Are Hmong and Mongols related? blue eyes, blonde hair , red hair, green eyes ect; It looks like their related?) (from Abraham to America, lost tribes) (bloguear)
Reinos ingleses

Is the hill Onida (the name) in The Book of Mormon related to the Oneida (the name again) tribe of the Iroquois people? (gitanos) (Arabian Jews)
(The "Mountain of the Jews" at Khaybar, Saudi Arabia) (Israel’s Serpent-Moon God Yahweh (YHWH), the Jewish Snake God) (Arabian Jews) (Jews in Arabia) (Saudi Arabia to embrace "moderate Islam".)!/;cc=nur;view=text;idno=nur.001.0004;rgn=div2;node=nur.001.0004%3A8.118 (Mohammed (Machometus), an Arab, or (as some would have it) a Persian, was born of a noble pagan father and an Ishmaelite woman of Hebrew parentage.)
(Some Notes on Jewish Tribes in the Hijaz) (Buddhism in ancient Israel and Arabia) (Khadija, the first Jewish convert to Islam) (muy bueno) (ex Jewish city) (The Arabian Y-DNA J1 Project - Results) (What Are the Arab Ties to the Land Where Israel and the Palestinian Territories Currently Exist?) (Palestinian immigrants)
(Arabia before Islam) (Is the Arab world beginning to see reason?) (Afghanistan: Home to Lost Tribes of Israel?) (By the era depicted in Crusader Kings II, it was a minority religion, with small Jewish communities scattered across Europe and the Middle East) (Whence Are the Kalanga (And the Question of Semitic Blood Addressed) (Jews want Yathrib back) (The Lost Tribes of Israel) (Sicilian Peoples: The Arabs) (The support given the Muslims by the Copts of Egypt insured the success of the campaign.) (Over 350 million people live in the Middle East. The Middle East) (Is There A Connection Between Ancient Indian And Hebrew Language?) (Peoples in North Africa and as far away as Indonesia trace their ancestry back to Yemen.)

Vietnam Wrestles With Christianity

Upland Vietnam has witnessed a remarkable religious transformation within one marginalized ethnic minority in the past three decades. Since the 1980s, where Protestant Christianity was virtually unheard of in Vietnam’s northern highlands, an estimated 300,000 out of the 1 million ethnic Hmong in Vietnam are now Christians. Over time, the social, economic, and political impacts of religious change – from persecution and migration to lifestyle changes and new gender relations – are becoming increasingly difficult to ignore.
A map of Hmong-inhabited areas of Southeast Asia. Adapted from Jodi L. Weinstein’s Empire and Identity in Guizhou: Local Resistance to Qing Expansion, pp. vx

Today there are roughly 4 million Hmong speakers spread across the borderlands of China, Vietnam, Laos, and Thailand, plus significant diasporas in the United States and Australia. Their shared ethnic identity is built around speaking mutually intelligible languages and sharing the same clan surnames.

Somewhat akin to the Kurds of the Middle East, the Hmong are split into significant but marginalized national minorities. During the Cold War, the Hmong found themselves on both sides of the conflict between communist and American forces, with the infamous anti-communist general Vang Pao being funded by the CIA in Laos.

Surprisingly, no foreign missionaries were physically present in Vietnam’s highlands when Christianity started to spread in the late 1980s. Instead, villagers stumbled across a Hmong-language evangelistic radio program broadcast from Manila. Thrilled by hearing their own language on air, Hmong listeners told neighbors and relatives to tune in as the message spread like wildfire.

Vietnamese authorities reacted to Hmong Christian growth by denying its existence, publishing anti-Christian propaganda, and restricting religious freedom. With its history of struggle against Western imperialism, the government accused “hostile external forces” of promoting Christianity to undermine the people’s faith in Communism and trigger social unrest along the strategically important Sino-Vietnamese borderlands.

Book cover entitled Don’t Believe the Snake Poison Words ­(referring to Christian teaching) published in Hanoi in 2001.

Human rights watchdogs report of converts being intimidated, arrested, fined, beaten, having property confiscated, and being forced to renounce their faith by local authorities. Many Hmong fled the persecution to Laos, Thailand, and other parts of Vietnam to seek a better life.

State religious repression has eased in recent years, although it is still very difficult for new churches to gain official recognition. Significant religious discrimination remains as Christians are denied university scholarships or access to civil service positions, often the only way of securing a regular income in rural areas. (¿alguna relación con el bíblico Tola? Tola was a member of the the tribe of Issachar. He became a judge in Israel. His father was Puah, whose father was Dodo. Tola dwelled in Shamir, Mount Ephraim. Tola means worm & it is precisely Papua New Guinea the area of origin of the flatworm, a predator that hunts snails & could easily extinguish them. Not only that, but these worms are often a source of deadly human illness) (Bountiful, Zarahemla, Nephi... next to the Great Lakes)
Sacerdote hebreo (Some historians claim that Lord Jesus Christ was born around 6 BC. if that is true) (The appearance of a white buffalo is regarded by some followers of American Indian spirituality as on par with the Christian idea of the second coming of Christ) (Christianity teaches that the Laws of Yahweh were done away with by Jesus)
(The arrival of the white buffalo is like the second coming of Christ)
(When Roman Catholic missionaries first came among the Lakota, their stories of the Virgin Mary and Jesus became associated with the legend of White)
(Ashanti Twi)
Asantees blowing shofar,h_212,al_c,q_80,usm_0.66_1.00_0.01/abc57c_5c11d952b99241c68e7acaa9965e5188.jpeg
Painting of Ashanti priest (Israelite) with European explorer
Lemba Israeliteánicos
A Navarrese Israelite? Where Israelites the ancient Vascons, forefathers of the Navarrese & Aragonese?

Dólmenes en Navarra
RECORTAR Son guatemaltecos, pero él parece israelita antiguo
Southern Norwegian woman from Telemark region. Her crown is like the Miao crown
The same blond Norwegian woman from the side
Blond Norwegian woman
Brunette Norwegian woman

Navajos have always been the first Indians to do many things.  Let us rise to the occasion again, together, in this new century to build something worthwhile, to get behind a cause so great as to involve every male and female of all ages. The stakes are high, but we are up to the task, I assure you. Being a state will actually benefit Arizona, Utah and New Mexico. Like a relative, who finally gets a job and moves away. Let’s not wait forever like Washington, D.C and Puerto Rico. We need to be the fifty-first state in the United States of America. The State of Navajo.é_Bahaneʼ

Indios Siona (¿reciben el nombre de Sión?)
Los Sionas visten túnicas, blancas las mujeres y azules los hombres.
Como en el rocío (germanics or Celtics​?)
Conchobar mac Nessa

De los Urus, habitantes del lago Titicaca, se deriva el nombre del lago Uru Uru y la ciudad minera de Oruro. (The Philippines: The Biblical land of Ophir!)

Qumrani (The Dead Sea Scrolls The Greatest Archeological Find of Our Lifetime.) ( THE RUINS OF QUMRAN)

When Philip II united the Spanish and Portuguese empires under Spain, many thought he had become the prophesied Last World Emperor, a veritable second Solomon. The idea of a Last World Emperor or Great Monarch was very popular among Iberians, the French and the Catholic Germans/Austrians. Spain was Tarshish and according to the theory was related to the ancient Iberian port of Tartessos. The "ships of Tarshish" mentioned in the Bible refer to the Spanish discovery of the Americas, which were supposedly known as the "isles." "The kings of Tarshish and of the isles shall bring presents" (Psalm 72)

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