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The schism that occurred during the days of Rehoboam and Jeroboam was the end of a united Israel. This division continued during their reigns: “There was continual warfare between Rehoboam and Jeroboam” (2 Chronicles 12:15) and for centuries afterward.

Meghalaya state was bordering a heavily peopled Chinkukizo area (the North Cachar hills). PUT THIS TOGETHER WITH WHAT I SAID ABOUT CACHAR HILLS

The last name Samre is found in countries like the USA, Indonesia, Zimbabwe... It's by far mostly found in India, although the percentage is twice higher in Zimbabwe, the area inhabited by the Lemba Jews. Banteay Samré is a temple at Angkor, Cambodia located east of the East Baray. Built under Suryavarman II and Yasovarman II in the early 12th century, it is a Hindu temple in the Angkor Wat style. Indeed the name "Samre" is very Hebraic sounding and similar to Samaria, the ancient capital of what were to become the Lost Ten Tribes of Israel.


The Vetones were a Celtic people peopling inner pre-Roman Spain. They lived in castros, a kind of fortress-villages.

Sometimes the Spanish word castro is translated as chester.

The celebrated Guisando Bulls in Ávila's province, near Madrid, were made by them. The truth is Spain, like many Mediterranean countries, was a bullworshiper land.

The Altamira painting is another famous work showing a way of bullworshiping.

Alex Palar

Some people don't believe in miracles, others believe that miracles only happened in the biblical prophet's time & finally others believe that miracles still happen today.
For the ones that don't believe in miracles or believe that they only happened in biblical times, the story of the Hmars about the parting of great waters is not referring to the parting of the Red sea. It's referring to the Tuipui river through which their Hmar ancestors crossed. I believe that their story is referring to the parting of the Red sea. Nevertheless that doesn't preclude the Hmars, as Israelite descendants, from having Tuipui river's great waters being parted as well. I believe that because I still believe in miracles.
The parting of great waters happened in other biblical events, not just when Israel crossed the Red sea. When the Israelites crossed the great Jordan river with Joshua, its waters were parted as well. Then, a long time later, the prophet Elias parted the Jordan river with a mantle. Then, again, Elias' succesor, the prophet Elijah, parted the Jordan river with the same mantle.
According to a Japanese man, in Japan there's a story passed down from father to son throughout many generations, concerning the Israelite origins of many Japanese.

The Druzes are also known as Mowahhidoon.

Excerpt: It is rather bizarre during and disheartening that landless black South Africans have also jumped onto the buffet of insults against Israel, the only state with whom we share a common history. Black South Africans will have no way of expropriating their land and restoring the wealth of this country back into their hands if we continue to demonize Israel in this manner. Blacks should, in fact, all sing one song and that song is; Jewish people are indigenous to the holy land, they are not settlers. Support for Israel is a strategic defence of our inalienable right to expropriate our ancestral land and reclaim our economy. Natives cannot become settlers; a settler native is an oxymoron. -Tshediso Mangope

Pato Aventuras El Tesoro de la Lámpara Perdida 12.90€, Tiana y el Sapo 10.00€, Maléfica (7€).

Some Haitians are descendants of the Igbo, and as the Igbo in Nigeria became Christian, those in Haiti joined Vodou, a religion which is Yoruba, Dahomey (Benin), Togo, Central African, and that has even some Islam. As our culture/religion (Omenana) is not a proselytizing one, unless conditions are extra favorable it tends to die as it cannot grow (in unfavorable conditions), so the Igbo elements tend to be subsumed under those with proselytizing cultures/religions. That's what happened in Haiti, Brazil, the US, Jamaica, etc, but it's not just likely that some Haitians of Igbo origin would remember who they were.

Some Bene Israel believe they descend from the lost tribes of Israel while others believe that their ancestors come from the Jews running away from Antiochus, the helenistic autocrat.

Egyptian goddess Ma'at with ostrich feather. Ma'at was the goddess of truth, justice, law, and universal order. She had a human head and wore a crown topped by an ostrich feather. She was a daughter of Ra and was often shown with wings. In the underworld, the dead would answer to Osiris and 42 judges on the value of their lives, then their hearts would be placed on a scale and measured against Ma'at's feather of truth. If the heart was lighter than the feather, the dead person would pass on to heaven. If it was heavier than the feather of Ma'at, they would be eaten by a terrible beast, Ammut the Devourer. Judges wore amulets of Ma'at and pharaohs took the title, "Beloved of Ma'at" to show their love of truth and justice.
Baby Moses, his sister Miriam, his "adopted" Egyptian mother & servants. The picture shows an umbrella-fan like object made with ostrich feathers.
Several paintings depicting the same scenery, & again the ostrich feathered made object is present.

Moses laying on hands

mmn “nose” (alongside Dom)
(Mamani MMN)

chariot (in Aramaic: mmn arm and Kym nabs)
(Mamani MMN)

“When a Woman Emits Semen," Koroth 5 (1970—2), 716—7. [Hebrew], who claims that the belief does have a scientific basis but argues also that the word we have translated as “emits semen” (mmn) actually refers to ovulation
(Mamani MMN)

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